About Us

group of big trucksEver since we were established, Johnson Exports LLC has always placed “customer service” at the heart of its operations. We first identify what our customer needs and then we propose timely solutions to meet those needs. All the while, we keep in mind to keep our costs competitive so that YOU, our clients, can enjoy optimal revenues.

In simpler terms, we are a freight forwarding company that can organize shipments for businesses – because we first and foremost understand what businesses need. We are a non-vessel operating common carrier or more commonly referred to as NVOCC. Our operations involve getting the goods from the manufacturer or source, and transporting those goods to the final recipient or distribution outlet. These operations are conducted in the safest and speediest manner possible.

In freight forwarding, it is also very important to pay attention to customer experience. We want to know how we can improve and we take suggestions objectively. By working for and together with customers, we believe that Johnson Exports LLC will be around for a very long time as we strive to achieve excellence with every cargo that we deliver. We ceaselessly find ways to improve and serve businesses better and better, one year after another.

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3755 Benson Dr., #110

Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919-413-5389 | 919-522-3300

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